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  • Variable Attenuators
    Variable Attenuators from Timbercon produce precision levels of attenuation, with the added flexibility of adjustment. By using simple adjustment controls, the attenuation...
  • Fiber Optic Attenuator Kits
    Timbercon *Fiber Optic Attenuator Kits* provide a cost-effective and convenient solution for all your inline attenuation requirements. Ideal for laboratory, manufacturing, or field...
  • Fixed Attenuators
    Fixed Attenuators from Timbercon offer defined control of optical signals in both integrated and add-on products. Depending on the project or need,...
  • Fischer Connectors
    Timbercon is your US certified manufacturer of end-to-end Fischer Connector solutions. Fischer fiber optic connectors provide the needed quality and stability for high...
  • Hermaphroditic Connectors
    Timbercon offers several types of hermaphroditic, deployable, harsh environment cable assemblies. This connector was developed in conjunction with the United States Army and...
  • MXC® Expanded Beam Connectors
    The US Conec MXC® connector includes expanded beam PRIZM® MT ferrules and is optimized for direct interface to equipment. It provides a...

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