State Relay Network

a System of Facilities used to distribute State EAS activations and programming across a state. The State Relay Network in California is a statewide system of microwave, VHF-FM high band, and UHF-FM radios owned and maintained by the State of California. Interconnection with systems of others further disseminates EAS programming. The programming is delivered to VHF-FM and UHF-FM receivers tuned to the State Relay Network. California Law Enforcement Radio System (CLERS) and portions of its California Emergency Services Radio System (CESRS) operate on several VHF-FM and UHF-FM Public Safety frequencies. A list of sites and frequencies is included in this plan. Broadcasters and Cable TV companies are encouraged to obtain suitable radio receivers to obtain the State EAS input. The State Relay NETWORK and any portion thereof may be used for local EAS purposes when such use is approved in the State Plan.

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