Timbercon in the News - Fiber optics in avionics: Upward Bound

LAKE OSWEGO, OR - August 13, 2010 – Timbercon, Inc., a fiber optic product and solutions manufacturing company, was featured in the news at photonics.com under the heading “Fiber optics in avionics: Upward bound” by Caren B. Les.

The article explains current and future funding of military fiber optics focusing on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

Our VP of sales and Marketing, John Lee Jr. was interviewed for his expertise in the fiber optic industry noting that the field’s developing technology includes IR countermeasure devices, radiation-hardened fibers, high-density environmentally secure packages, Bragg grating sensors for a wide variety of applications, and connectors less susceptible to contamination…

Follow the link below to read the full article found on www.photonics.com (Photonics Spectra).


About Timbercon, Inc.
Timbercon, Inc., founded in 1997, is a fiber optic product and solution manufacturing company providing a variety of connectivity solutions to the defense, aerospace, medical, data storage, telecommunications, industrial, broadcast and networking industries. In addition to standard fiber optic assemblies and attenuated loopbacks, Timbercon has pioneered many proprietary products. Additional company information can be found at www.timbercon.com.

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