Timbercon Expands Capabilities, Offering More Advanced MT Ferrule Product Solutions

PORTLAND, OR - December 31, 2004 Timbercon, Inc., an industry leader in the supply and manufacturing of custom fiber optic products and solutions recently expanded its service offering to include process development, interferometeric measurement, and testing of MT ferrule based products.

These capabilities allow Timbercon to design and develop new products and processes based on the MTP®, MPO, and HBMT™ connector styles. High density MT ferrule connectors require a much higher level of precision in the manufacturing and testing process than any other type of connector,. said Eric Meslow, President of Timbercon. .We have made a significant investment in multi-fiber test and measurement equipment to ensure we maintain this level of precision on each and every product..

As part of the new capabilities, Timbercon has incorporated precision multi-fiber interferometers from DORC (Direct Optical Research Company), and multi-fiber polishing fixtures from Domaille. This new equipment will allow Timbercon to polish, test, measure, and troubleshoot any MT ferrule based product with up to 72 fibers per connector.

Timbercon MT ferrule based products are designed to incorporate up to 72 fiber terminations in a single high density connector. These products are ideal for backplane applications as well as applications requiring a large number of fibers with very limited physical space constraints.

*MTP® is the registered trademark of US Conec Ltd.

About Timbercon, Inc.
Timbercon, Inc., founded in 1997, is a fiber optic product and solution manufacturing company providing a variety of connectivity solutions to the defense, aerospace, medical, data storage, telecommunications, industrial, broadcast and networking industries. In addition to standard fiber optic assemblies and attenuated loopbacks, Timbercon has pioneered many proprietary products. Additional company information can be found at www.timbercon.com.

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