Fiber Optic Repair & Recertification

Timbercon offers a wide range of repair and recertification services and programs for virtually any fiber optic product. Whether the product was purchased from us, or a competitor, we will take your old product and make it new again.

Timbercon offers repair service from simple cleaning to re-termination, or in some cases re-building the entire product, depending on the nature of the product and the required finished performance. In offering these services, our goal is to help our customers leverage the investment they have made in their products by repairing them, rather than replacing them.

Timbercon recertification services are focused on examining, testing, and documenting products for physical and optical performance. As a part of this process, we can make repairs to the product to ensure it meets performance specifications once complete. This service is a preventative maintenance option we provide for our customers who want to ensure their products are performing at their best and want to make sure the opportunity for product failure during operation is at a minimum.

As part of our recertification services, Timbercon develops ongoing maintenance and recertification programs catering to the needs of a particular client. Working with us to build a custom, regular maintenance program can be one of the most cost-effective ways to keep your fiber optic products in good operating condition, greatly reducing the opportunity for a product to fail during a critical operation.

Timbercon offers recertification services for most fiber optic products. Contact a Timbercon representative HERE to discuss your requirements.

Recertification Checklist

  • Cleaning & inspection at 400x
  • Check for pits, scratches, or other problems
  • Check mechanical integrity
  • Check insertion loss
  • Check attenuation
  • Check backreflection (for single mode)
  • Check end face for visual defects (400x)
  • Check interferometric geometry
    (for Single Mode / PM)
  • Check extinction ratio (for PM)
  • Documentation of test results (optional)
  • Repair service (optional)
  • Replacement service (optional)


  • Reduces downtime due to physical connector or fiber breakage from fatigue
  • Virtually eliminates performance degradation due to optical specification incompliance
  • Hard copy test and recertification reports ensure product performance specs (available upon request)
  • Optional services reduce the cost and lead time associated with product repair or replacement by bundling with recertification programs

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