Fiber Optic Glossary

  • UAV
    An abbreviation for unmanned aerial vehicle.
  • ULSI
    Ultra Large-Scale Integration, the technique of putting millions of transistors on a single integrated circuit. Compare with LSI, VLSI.
  • Ultrafast Lasers
    Lasers emitting ultrashort pulses.
  • Ultrafast Optics
    Ultrafast optics is the part of optics dealing with ultrafast phenomena, i.e., phenomena which occur on a time scale of...
  • Ultrashort Pulses
    Optical pulses with durations of picoseconds or less.
  • Ultrasonic Weld
    An ultrasonic weld is a weld accomplished through high-frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibrations. Usually ultrasonic welds are done to weld...
  • Ultraviolet
    Electromagnetic waves invisible to the human eye, with wavelengths about 100 nm - 400 nm. Considered too short to be...
  • Ultraviolet Lasers
    Lasers (or other laser-based light sources) generating ultraviolet light.
  • Ultraviolet Light
    Light with wavelengths shorter than those of visible light.
  • Unblocking
    The process whereby optical elements are removed from a block.
  • Unidirectional
    Operating in one direction only.
  • Uniformity
    The maximum insertion loss difference between ports of a coupler.
  • UPC Ultra Physical Contact
    Specific to single mode applications, referring to the endface geometry of a connector ferrule as well as performance characteristics. The UPC, ultra physical...
  • Upconversion
    A process where light can be emitted with photon energies higher than those of the light generating the excitation.
  • Upconversion Lasers
    Lasers relying on upconversion processes.
  • Upper State Llifetime
    The Lifetime of the population of the upper laser level.
  • USB
    An abbreviation for universal serial bus.
  • USTA
    An acronym for US Telecommunications Association.
  • UTP
    Unshielded Twisted Pair.
  • UTP to OF Converter
    Unshielded twisted pair to fiber optic converter.
    Ultraviolet Resonance Raman Spectroscopy.

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