Fiber Optic Glossary

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  • F4B 5B Encoding
    A signal modulation scheme in which groups of 4 bits are encoded and transmitted in 5 bits in order to guarantee...
  • Fabry Perot Cavity
    An optical resonator in which feedback is accomplished by two parallel planes. In diode lasers, the planes are obtained by...
  • Fabry Perot Etalon
    A nonabsorbing, multireflecting device, similar in design to the Fabry-Perot interferometer, that serves as a multilayer, narrow-bandpass filter.
  • Fabry Perot Fringes
    The series of rings when monochromatic light passes through a Fabry-Perot interferometer.
  • Fabry Perot Laser
    A laser oscillator in which two mirrors are separated by an amplifying medium with an inverted population, making a Fabry-Perot...
  • Face Pumped Laser
    A device in which slab geometry internally compensates for thermal-optic distortion; the solid host material is in the form of...
  • Facet
    The cleaved end mirror of a laser diode’s active region.
  • Facet Erosion
    The degradation of the facets in a laser diode due to the intensity of radiation.
  • Failure
    Change in performance characteristics of a device, so that it no longer meets customer specifications.
  • Failure Mode Analysis
    The examination of a failed laser diode by a failure mode analyst to determine the cause of device failure.
  • Failure Rate
    The number of failures of a device per unit of time.
  • Fall Time
    The time required for the trailing edge of a pulse to fall from 90% to 10% of its amplitude; the...
  • Fan Out Cable
    Multi-fiber cable constructed in the tight buffered design. Designed for ease on connectorization and rugged applications for intra- or interbuilding requirements. Same...
  • Fan-Out
    A multi-fiber cable constructed in a tight buffered tube design. At a termination point, cable fibers must be separated from...
  • FAR
    Abbreviation for federal acquisition regulation.The guidelines by which the US government purchases goods and services. Also the criteria must be...
  • Far Infrared Laser
    A laser with output over a wide range of wavelengths spanning the far-infrared region of the spectrum (30 to 1000...
  • Faraday Effect
    A phenomenon that causes some materials to rotate the polarization of light in the presence of a magnetic field parallel...
  • Fast Axis
    In a birefringent material, the index of refraction varies with the direction of vibration of a lightwave. That direction having...
  • Fast Ethernet
    A 100 Mbit/sec Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection (CSMA/CD) standard, converted for use with fiber optic cable.
  • FBL
    An abbreviation for fly by light.
  • FBW
    An abbreviation for fly by wire.
  • FC
    A threaded optical connector that originated in Japan. Good for single-mode or multimode fiber and applications requiring low backreflection.
  • FC Connector
    FC stands for Fixed Connection. It is fixed by way of a threaded barrel housing. FC connectors are typical in...
  • FC-PC
    A connector type. It is utilized for single mode cable. It offers extremely precise positioning of the single mode cable with...
  • FCC
    Abbreviation for Federal Communications Commission. The U.S. Government board of five presidential appointees that has the authority to regulate all...
  • FCS
    Abbreviation for frame check sequence. An error-detection scheme that (a) uses parity bits generated by polynomial encoding of digital signals,...
  • FDA
    Abbreviation for Food and Drug Administration. Organization responsible for, among other things, laser safety.
  • FDDI
    Fiber Distributed Data Interface.
  • FDDN
    An abbreviation for fiber data distribution network.
  • FDM
    See Frequency Division Multiplexing. Method by which the available transmission frequency range is divided into narrower bands, each used for a...
  • FEC
    See Forward Error Correcting.
  • Feedback
    A small portion of the light in a laser oscillator which does not exit the oscillator through output coupler. Rather, the...
  • Feedback Amplifier
    An amplifying device that returns a portion of its output to its input as a means of modifying the device's...
  • Ferrule
    A precision tube which holds a fiber for alignment for interconnection or termination. Ferrule may be part of a connector...
  • FET
    Abbreviation for Field-Effect Transistor. A semiconductor so named because a weak electrical signal coming in through one electrode creates an...
  • FGB
    Abbreviation for fiber Bragg gratings. See Bragg grating.
  • Fiber
    1. A single, separate optical transmission element, characterized by a core and a cladding. 2. Any filament or fiber, made of...
  • Fiber Amplifier
    An all optical amplifier using erbium or other doped fibers and pump lasers to increase signal output power without electronic...
  • Fiber Axis
    The mechanical centerline through the core of an optical fiber.
  • Fiber Bandwidth
    The lowest frequency at which the magnitude of the fiber transfer function decreases to a specified fraction of the zero...
  • Fiber Bragg Grating FBG
    A fiber Bragg grating is a periodic or aperiodic perturbation of the effective refractive index in the core of an...
  • Fiber Buffer
    Material used to protect an optical fiber or cable from physical damage, providing mechanical isolation or protection. Fabrication techniques include both...
  • Fiber Bundle
    A rigid or flexible, concentrated assembly of glass or plastic fibers used to transmit optical images or light.
  • Fiber Channel
    1. An ANSI Optical Communications Standard that can transfer data up to 1,062.5 Mbits per second. 2. A high speed point-to-point...
  • Fiber Cleaving
    The controlled fracture of an optical fiber along a crystalline plane resulting in a smooth surface.
  • Fiber Core
    The inner portion of the fiber that transmits light. The index of refraction is higher than that of the cladding that...
  • Fiber Curl
    A property of optical fiber that results from thermal stresses during manufacturing and is defined as the amount of curvature...
  • Fiber Distributed Data Interface
    A standard for fiber optic data transmission systems being developed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and associated working...
  • Fiber Distributed Data Interface FDDI
    100 Mb/s ring architecture data network.
  • Fiber Fuse
    A mechanism whereby the core of a single-mode fiber can be destroyed at high optical power levels.
  • Fiber Grating
    An optical fiber in which the refractive index of the core varies periodically along its length, scattering light in a...
  • Fiber Identifier
    A device that clamps onto a fiber and couples light from the fiber by bending, to identify the fiber and...
  • Fiber Lapping
    A method of optical fiber coupling in which the fibers are ground down to expose their cores and placed together...
  • fiber laser
    An alternate way of building a laser. The laser is built into the fiber itself.
  • Fiber Lens Fusing
    A method of terminating optical fibers by forming a lens directly on the end of the fiber, eliminating the need...
  • Fiber Loss
    The attenuation (deterioration) of the light signal in transmission through a fiber optic cable.
  • Fiber Optic Amplifiers
    In fiber optics, amplifiers re-amplify an attenuated signal without converting the signal into electrical form.
  • Fiber Optic Attenuators
    Attenuators are devices that reduce signal power in fiber optic links by inducing a fixed or variable loss. They are...
  • Fiber Optic AUI Extender
    Connects remotely located workstations via fiber optical cables.
  • Fiber Optic Cable
    A package for an optical fiber or fibers that may include cladding, buffering, strength members and an outer jacket.
  • Fiber Optic Cable Assembly
    A length of fiber optic cable that has been terminated with a connector, pigtail or other component.
  • Fiber Optic Cable Plant
    The combination of fiber optic cable sections, connectors and splices forming the optical path between two terminal devices.
  • Fiber Optic Circulators
    In fiber optics, circulators are nonreciprocal devices that direct a light signal from one port, via a fiber optic line,...
  • Fiber Optic Cleaver
    A device used to prepare optical fiber end faces; a scribe line made by the cleaver's blade propagates across the...
  • Fiber Optic Communication System
    The transfer of modulated or unmodulated optical energy through optical fiber media which terminates in the same or different media.
  • Fiber Optic Connector
    Hardware installed on fiber cable ends to provide cable attachment to a transmitter, receiver or other cable. Usually a device...
  • Fiber Optic Connectors
    Hardware installed on fiber cable ends to provide cable attachment to a transmitter, receiver or other cable. Usually a device...
  • Fiber Optic Coupler
    A fiber coupler is an optical fiber device with one or more input fibers and one or several output fibers. Light...
  • Fiber Optic Couplers
    In fiber optics, couplers are optical devices that connect three or more fiber ends, dividing one input between two or...
  • Fiber Optic Fault Locator
    Fault locators shine red laser light through jacketed fibers to identify breaks, bends, faulty connectors, splices and other causes of...
  • Fiber Optic Field Flattener
    A plate consisting of fused optical fibers with both surfaces ground and polished, and having the entrance surface curved to...
  • Fiber Optic Filters
    Fiber optic filters allow only specific wavelengths to pass through into a larger fiber optic system.
  • Fiber Optic Gyroscope
    A coil of optical fiber that can detect rotation about its axis.
  • Fiber Optic Illumination
    Fiber optic illumination is the conveyance or transmission of light from a source (output) to one or several fibers, allowing...
  • Fiber Optic Inter Repeater Link
    Standard defining a fiber optic cable link between two repeaters in an IEEE 802.3 network.
  • Fiber Optic Jumper
    Used to interconnect transmission equipment to the fiber optic patch panel.
  • Fiber Optic Lightguide
    A bundle of optical fibers arranged randomly for the purpose of transmitting energy, not an image.
  • Fiber Optic Link
    A combination of transmitter, receiver and fiber optic cable connecting them capable of transmitting data. This may be analog or...
  • Fiber Optic Modems
    Fiber optic modems are used in fiber optic networks for sending and receiving data.
  • Fiber Optic Power Meter
    A fiber optic power meter is an instrument that measures average power of a continuous light beam. These power meters...
  • Fiber Optic Receivers
    In fiber optics, receivers are instruments that convert light into electrical signals. They contain a photodiode semiconductor, signal conditioning circuitry,...
  • Fiber Optic Ribbon
    A coherent optical fiber bundle in which the configuration is flat rather than round, giving an output in a...
  • Fiber Optic Sensor
    Any device in which variations in the transmitted power or the rate of transmission of light in optical fiber are...
  • Fiber Optic Span
    An optical fiber/cable terminated at both ends which may include devices that add, subtract, or attenuate optical signals.
  • Fiber Optic Splitter
    A passive fiber optic coupler that divides light from a single fiber into two or more fiber channels. Timbercon Splitters...
  • Fiber Optic Sub System
    A functional entity with defined bounds and interfaces which is part of a system. It contains solid state and/or other components...
  • Fiber Optic Test Procedure (FOTP)
    Standard test procedures developed and published by the Electronic Industries Association (EIA) under the EIA-RS-455 series of standards.
  • Fiber Optic Test Source
    Fiber optic test sources review the performance of a system by injecting light through the fibers.
  • Fiber Optic Transmitters
    Fiber optic transmitters are devices that include an LED (or laser source) and signal conditioning electronics to inject a signal...
  • Fiber Optic Waveguide
    A relatively long strand of transparent substance, usually glass, capable of conducting an electromagnetic wave of optical wavelength (visible or near...
  • Fiber Optics
    Light transmission through optical fibers for communication or signaling.
  • Fiber Optics FO
    The branch of optical technology concerned with the transmission of radiant power through fibers made of transparent materials such as...
  • Fiber Test Equipment
    Used for the testing, maintenance, restoration, and inspection of fiber systems.
  • Fiber to the Home
    Fiber optic service to a node located inside an individual home.
  • Fiber to the Loop (FTTL)
    Fiber optic service to a node that is located in a neighborhood.
  • Fiber Tracer
    An instrument that couples visible light into the fiber to allow visual checking of continuity and tracing for correct...
  • Fiberscope
    An optical instrument consisting of an objective lens, a coherent (usually flexible) fiber bundle and an eyepiece to examine the...
  • Fibre Channel
    A standard for transmitting signals at 100 Mbit s to 4.25 Gbit s over fiber or (at slower speeds) copper....
  • Figure 8 Cable
    An aerial cable configuration in which the conductors and the steel strand which supports the cable are integrally jacketed. A...
  • Figure Tolerance
    The allowable departure from the given figure or geometrical form. It may be described in terms of fringes or...

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