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  1. Are all PM cables single mode?
    Yes, PM (polarization maintaining) cables are single mode. In order to maintain light wave propagation along a particular axis, only...
  2. Are you able to metallize fiber?
    Timbercon offers metallization services with a number of substrates. Due to the extremely septic nature of metallized fiber, please contact...
  3. Are you able to polish custom angles on bare fiber?
    Yes, we offer a wide variety of angled polishes for SM, MM, and PM bare fiber applications. Generally, 8 degrees...
  4. Can I get a portable test module for my lab?
    Timbercon offers both rack mount and portable network simulation modules for both installed and portable (non-installed) applications. Available in a...
  5. Can I get test data with my cables?
    While we guarantee specification compliance, we do not record individual cable data due to the associated costs. Should your applications...
  6. Can SFP Loopbacks be programmed on site?
    No, any programming required for an SFP loopback must be done during manufacturing, prior to shipment.
  7. Can the SFP loopbacks be pre-programmed prior to shipment?
    Yes, Timbercon SFP loopbacks are pre-programmed with customer specific information prior to shipment.
  8. Can you make "gold" or "master" launch cables?
    Timbercon offers several different types of gold or certified cables. These cables are manufactured to very strict tolerances and accompanied...
  9. Can you mate composite connectors with aluminum ones?
    Yes, all primary manufacturers have run extensive test to insure that composite and aluminum connectors will inter-mate. However, when matching...
  10. Do your SFP electrical loopbacks meet the MSA specification?
    Yes, all Timbercon SFP loopbacks are MSA compliant.

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