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  • HyperText Markup Language HTML
    Set of programming commands inserted around blocks of text that describe how to display it. HTML commands also display other...
  • Quality
    *Quality and Customer Service at TCI are Core Values. * We are proud of our reputation for excellence and integrity and will...
  • error-404.html
  • CD
    Abbreviation for compact disk. Often used to describe high-quality audio, CD-quality audio, or short-wavelength lasers; CD laser.
  • Hyper Text Mark Up Language HTML
    Hyper-Text Mark-up Language is the programming language used to design and present computer sites on the Internet in a graphical...
  • Termini
    More than 1 terminus. See Terminus[].
  • MQJ
    Measurement Quality Jumper. A high quality reference cable designed to provide accurate and consistent test results. Note: The U.S. Navy...
  • MWI 116 Standard purchase order quality assurance attachment Rev D
  • Compressed Video
    A digital transmission process used to transmit a video signal. When the vast amount of information in a video transmission...
  • High Definition Television HDTV
    An improved television system which pro-vides approximately twice the vertical and horizontal resolution of the existing television standards. It also...

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