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  • Electronic Assembler redirect
  • Fiber Optics
    A method for the transmission of information (sound, video, data) in which light is modulated and transmitted over high purity,...
    A means for transmitting digital information (voice, video, data) over high purity, hair-thin fibers of glass in the form of...
  • HyperText Markup Language HTML
    Set of programming commands inserted around blocks of text that describe how to display it. HTML commands also display other...
  • LAN Local Area Network
    Communications network connecting computers by wire, cable, or fiber optics link. Usually serves parts of an organization located close to...
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  • Fiber Optics
    A light wave or optical communications system in which electrical information is converted to light energy, transmitted to another location...
  • Vertical Integration
    The involvement of cable systems in other links of the video distribution chain, such as program production and supply.
  • Hyper Text Mark Up Language HTML
    Hyper-Text Mark-up Language is the programming language used to design and present computer sites on the Internet in a graphical...
  • Termini
    More than 1 terminus. See Terminus[].

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