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  • Cables
    *Fiber optic cables* are thin strands of optically digital information. A single optical fiber has the following parts: Core - Thin...
  • PRIZM® LightTurn® Cable Assembly
    The US Conec Ltd.’s PRIZM® LightTurn® is a right angle connector that interfaces with the Avago MicroPOD™, MiniPOD™ and other high density...
  • Modular Deployable Reel System
    Timbercon’s Modular Deployable Reel System (MDRS) is a lightweight cable deployment system designed for demanding, harsh environment fiber optic mobile installations. The system...
  • SMPTE Cables
    Timbercon offers several types of SMPTE cable assemblies. SMPTE Cables built by Timbercon offer a reliable, cost-competitive solution for broadcast fiber optic...
  • Optical Loopbacks
    Since the launch of the original Armadillo product line, the Timbercon Armadillo Loopback has become synonymous with innovative design, quality, and durability....
  • Armadillo LC Loopbacks
    Armadillo LC Loopbacks are the next generation in ruggedized fiber optic loopback adapters. By incorporating a rigid connector shell for fiber protection with...

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